The World's Thinnest USB Flash Drive

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FoldIT® USB is the thinnest, most practical USB drive ever created, featuring patented technology which allows for a mindblowing, unprecedented total thickness of only 1.2 mm.

Thinner Than a Penny!

About as thin as a typical credit card or bookmark, FoldIT® is ideal for fitting inside a wallet, a mobile phone case, book or notebook. When folded, the device is 2.4 mm thick, allowing it to be plugged into a standard USB port.

FoldIT USB | Thinner than a Penny


FoldIT® features a highly versatile multi-functional design. Clip it onto your papers, snap it around your binder ring, slide it into your wallet, or tuck it inside of your phone case.

The Master of Disguise

The FoldIT® is an expert at camouflage, remaining entirely unnoticed, and leaving you utterly unperturbed - until it's called upon. There has never been a more convenient, more accessible, or more portable USB storage device.

FoldIT USB | Multi-functional and Versatile Design


FoldIT® features a rugged, yet flexible plastic-injected body with a living hinge capable of withstanding over 40,000 folds.

The Chuck Norris of USBs

The USB chip is tough enough to withstand the highest forms of stress you can throw at it. Dirt and Dust Proof, Shock Proof, Water Proof, Roundhouse-Kick Proof, and Backed by a Lifetime Warranty!

FoldIT USB | Dirt and Dust Proof and Water Proof


Pimp My Drive*

Choose from a variety of stock colors.
Add your Personal Branding.
Custom Colors Available.
Contact for MOQ.

* Rims Sold Separately.

FoldIT USB | Custom Colors
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FoldIT® USB Flash Drive Clipped to Notepad

About CustomUSB

CustomUSB is a service oriented custom memory products manufacturer and one-stop solutions provider for all your unique USB needs. We produce USB drives for customers ranging from Ad Agencies to Fortune 500 companies. Our strong manufacturing capabilities allow us to output a large volume of USB drives, fulfilling orders with short delivery times and complex technical specifications.

Whether you're looking for factory-direct prices, promo giveaways for your ad campaign, one-of-a-kind custom USB flash drives to sell as retail products, or robust content-delivery devices, our team of USB experts will be happy to help with every aspect of your project.

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